rsz_mfg_parts_for_treadle_pump_nepalPaul Polak and Mal Warwick’s award-winning book, The Business Solution to Poverty, highlights 20 “takeaways” that encapsulate much of the book’s essence. Today we’re featuring the first of those takeaways. Future posts will include others. 

We believe there is one sure way, and only one way, to foster genuine social change on a large scale among the world’s poverty-stricken billions — by harnessing the power of business to the task. 

Here, if anywhere, lies the fundamental assertion on which The Business Solution to Poverty is based. This concept is grounded in decades of experience and observation and rests on the single unique characteristic of business: the profit motive. Only the profit motive furnishes the resources and the incentives necessary to sustain and grow a world-class enterprise.   

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