logoYou are invited to join impact investor Mal Warwick, co-author of The Business Solution to Poverty, and Erik Simanis, Managing Director, Market Creation Strategies at Cornell University, in a Google Hangout on Monday, June 9.

The Google Hangout, entitled “The Business Model Behind the Bright Idea,” will be hosted on Business Fights Poverty, the world’s largest community of professionals harnessing business for social impact.

You will be able to watch the Google Hangout and post questions on Business Fights Poverty here. (If that link doesn’t work, please copy the following URL into your browser: http://snipbfp.org/1rM2mCY.)

The Google Hangout will run for one hour on Monday June 9, beginning at 4.30pm BST/ 11:30am ET/ 8:30am PT.

The questions to be explored in this Google Hangout include the following:

1. This week we’re focusing on innovative design. Many companies have learned the hard way that innovative design is not enough – just important is innovation in business models.  Can you tell us more about that? 

2. What are some of the key business challenges that face people wanting to reach base of the pyramid markets with products and services? Can you provide some examples?

3. What would be your top tips for our audience on how to go about developing successful business models for innovative products and services? Can you provide some examples?

4. It sounds like there is a lot of uncertainty and experimentation and learning by doing involved. How can “intrapreneurs” working on these models within large companies get the permission, space, and support they need internally?

5. What is the role of others in the ecosystem — government agencies, donors, NGOs, academics?

6. There is a lot of discussion on measuring impact.  What’s your view on the best way to go about this?

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