Photo by Georgina Goodwin – M-KOPA Solar

“How M-KOPA unlocked pay-as-you-go solar in rural Kenya” is a recent article for the website Gigaom by Katie Fehrenbacher about the growth of a fascinating rural solar business that uses Kenya’s home-grown banking-by-text system, M-PESA. The cost reported in this article (US$0.46 per day) is a little pricey for South Asia but entirely affordable in Kenya, where the system is in place. Expansion to much larger numbers should permit lower prices.  

What’s particularly notable in this article is the pay-as-you-go system made possible by M-PESA, an approach that’s entirely scalable anywhere and can ease the adoption by $2-a-day customers of varied new products and services to help them lift themselves out of poverty. 

To read the article, click here

Thanks to Burt Hamner of HydroBee for calling our attention to this article. 

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