rsz_sunwaterIn an article entitled “Cleantech in the developing world: from solar power to refrigeration” in, Kristine A. Wong refers to the new technology at the core of Paul Polak’s company, SunWater, as a dramatically cheaper alternative to diesel engines and expensive solar pumps. 

The SunWater pump, developed by Polak and a team of volunteer engineers at Ball Aerospace, is expected to cut the $7,000 cost of a typical solar pump in India by 80 percent. The technology thus meets the criteria for ruthless affordability and design for the market spelled out in Polak and Mal Warwick’s book, The Business Solution to Poverty.

While initially intended to power drip irrigation systems, the SunWater pump is a versatile solar energy solution that can be put to use in a wide variety of other tasks, including recharging cellphones and providing home illumination, among other popular uses. 

SunWater is currently testing the technology in the field in Gujarat, India and is expected to launch a pilot project in the state within months. 

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  1. Md. Badrul Alam, Technology Advisor, iDE-Bangladesh

    It’s a very interesting and environmental friendly technology, which will save fossile fuel. It will help the smallholder farmers throughout the globe, specially in Bangladesh. We need this technology in Banhladesh as soon as possible.


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