rsz_img_3000_jemPlease join Mal Warwick in a Google Hangout on The Business Solution to Poverty, Friday, Mar. 7, 11am Pacific / 2pm EST / 1900 GMT. At that time, click here to enter.  

Just in case you’re not familiar with Google Hangout, here are a couple of things to know: you’ll see Mal on your screen once you enter the site. Your microphone will be muted, so you can’t speak — but you CAN type questions for Mal to answer. 

If you wish, you can send Mal questions in advance of the Hangout at 

Here are the questions received so far:

From Google+: When considering social good vs. profit, which do you think should be the main driver in setting up a successful social enterprise? (If you had to choose one to prioritize, which would you choose?)

From Caroline Smalley: “Who typically invests in Paul Polak’s projects, and what’s the expected return?”

From Joe Klunder: Do you know any good ways that us small-timers, with much less to invest, can invest in these micro-ventures in developing areas of the world? As background, IMO, increasing labor productivity can earn a far greater return on investment than the 8% or so a year we shoot for in the stock market. As I start getting some money in the future, I’d like to help out these hard-working people in poor parts of the world, and achieve a good financial success.

From Google+: What makes you guys think these companies you’re writing about will stay mission-driven, focused on the Bottom of the Pyramid, once they’ve started growing fast? Won’t they become just like any other multinational corporation, profit-driven and predatory?

Mal and Paul actually answered this question already on this blog here.  



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